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VAMSEE is a people-driven organization that firmly believes that individual...

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Our Services

Trade and Supply:
  • All grades available with quality fully tested.
  • FO 180/380cst & MGO.
  • Supply through sea and land.
  • Quick bunkering to minimize wastage of time.
  • Competitive Pricing & Quality guaranteed.
  • Our Products comply with MARPOL Standards.
  • Supply at inner and outer Port limits.
  • Separate Tanks for black and white oil with provisions of simultaneous load & discharge.

We have Ocean Going oil Tankers , IRS Classed Barges and Road Tankers with certified Crew & Management. We ensure Choice and flexibility to the Customers and to their operational needs.

Our fleet of vessels have positive segregation. Tanks are separate for black and white oil  to load and discharge simultaneously.  

  • We do Quality service and offer competitive pricing.
  • Our vessels follow the Maximum Safety procedures.
  • We Delivery at all times under any extreme different situation and circumstances.

Key Stages of Marine Supply

1. Nomination and Deliveries:

Buyer's Order for Marine Fuel Supply shall provide seller the following information:

  • Name of the vessel.
  • The Estimated time of arrival at the specified Port.
  • The Quality and kinds of Marine fuel to be delivered.
  • Method of delivery (Barges or Road Tankers).
2. Bunkering Delivery Procedure:
  • Pre-delivery confirmation with vessel and Surveyor.
  • Pre-delivery safety Checklist & documentation.
  • Bunker requisition form & specification.
  • Sampling requirement & procedure.
  • Delivery Procedure.
  • Emergency shutdown procedure.
  • Port delivery Checklist.
  • Log for Record keeping.
3. Expert Service & Delivery:

With experience, we provide the highest quality product and services...

  • Supply of Furnace oil 180cst/380cst & MGO from ports in the east coast of India.
  • High pumping capacity of 300 MT/Hour.
  • Quick response on quotes.
  • Long contracts available.
  • Operational 24/7, 365 days a year.
4. Price:

Vamsee Offers the most competitive prices in reference to each transaction. The Price to be paid for Marine Fuel shall be as quoted by M/s Vamsee Shipping Carrier Private Limited.

5. Ports We Supply:

We supply at all ports in the east coast of India namely;

Tamil Nadu:
  • Chennai
  • Ennore
  • Karaikal
Andhra Pradesh:
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Gangavaram
  • Kakinada
  • Krishnapattinam

VAMSEE is a people-driven organization that firmly believes that individual...

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