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VAMSEE is a people-driven organization that firmly believes that individual...

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Safety Policy

When bunkering in the east coast of India we are the Fuel Suppliers whom you can trust. We do not compromise on quality and ensure Safe, Reliable and efficient transfer of petroleum products.. We deliver the right quantity at right price.

Safety Policies:
Training & Safety reference for oil spills

VSCPL guarantees their Customers on :

  • Safe Practices of the Master and her crew to prevent any eventuality.
  • Transportation of bunkers in the most safest Mode.
  • Delivery of the Product in the most safest and approved methods.

Our Safety Guidelines

  • Initial control & response procedures.
  • Oil spill containment & recovery procedure.
  • Regular drills , exercise and upkeep of Safety Procedures.
  • Record maintenance & plan review.

Bunker Barges

  • Barges are double hull construction with all bunker oil tanks contained within the double hull.
  • Bunker Barges are self –propelled.
  • All Vessels and Barges have their own fire fighting capability for internal and during the bunker transfer.
  • All Vessels and Barges go through the Annual Inspection of the Classification Society, "M/s Indian Register of Shipping" to be fit to carry and supply petroleum products.

Regular Inspections:

  1. Management System and Policies
  2. Certifications
  3. Bunker Barge Crew knowledge, experience & Training
  4. Bunker Barge Operating procedure including compliance with latest version of the International Safety Guidelines for oil Tankers and Terminals
  5. Equipment Maintenance Schedule
  6. Oil Spill Contingency Plan
  7. Records of Drills and Safety inspection

VAMSEE is a people-driven organization that firmly believes that individual...

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